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As a Cave Spring small business owner and resident, I will work tirelessly to execute a plan that addresses the issues of today and prepares Roanoke for tomorrow.

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Mahoney Misleads Public in Response to Ethical Complaint

While I appreciate Mr. Mahoney’s prompt response to the media, this is his first response to a matter I initially raised in early September. If the solution were as simple as his comment suggests, why has he remained silent until now? Mr. Mahoney is misleading the public by referring to a vote from last year, when the allegation clearly relates to a vote he initiated 11 days after he reported receiving the contribution, a vote to alter the entire special use permit process. Mr. Mahoney should have known this would create the appearance of impropriety.

Mr. Mahoney should not have solicited the contribution, and it was especially inappropriate for him to state to Mrs. Garvin, "One can only speculate on your future" if he was not elected. This is inappropriate behavior for a public official, let alone a candidate seeking higher office.


To continue my commitment to transparency, I am attaching all of the documents for the public to review. Select the name of each file to view the PDF.