The Issues

Small Business Support

Small businesses can be the backbone of a community. But as a community we need to help these businesses thrive. Like any business owner I've faced hurdles as we have grown and learned how to be better. Increasing support for our small businesses to allow them to grow and thrive comes in many forms. Investing in this support would, overtime, generate more income for the county in the form of business, sales, and business personal property tax, as well as jobs these businesses could create. Small business can truly be a ripple effect for the whole community.

Economic Growth

Economic growth can be like asking: which came first, the chicken or the egg? How do we get more residents and businesses without more housing, but how do we justify more housing without the draw of the jobs and businesses? Just like growing any small business it does take time, the right marketing, and knowing your audience. As a small business owner and millennial, I find myself poised not only to know how to help attract business, but also how to decipher what upcoming generations desire when considering post-graduate relocations.


Being fiscally conservative and responsible is always a priority. However, as a community, we need our leadership working to attract more small, medium, and large businesses. We need to create more jobs; thereby creating more revenue for the community as a whole, for infrastructure investment, and our long-term success & viability as a community.


Our kids are our future. Education is not only about the course material, but the facilities, the supplies, and the support. We need a stronger focus on the entire education program, including students, teachers, and infrastructure.

Community Service

Roanoke County is part of a much larger and diverse community. We need to focus on our less fortunate neighbors, as well as those struggling with addiction. We need to increase our communication with other local jurisdictions to partner to best serve all our residents.


Increasing transparency within the county is not limited to just having the facts but also making those facts easy to view and access.